Summer Time in Fall City

  The field behind Cheif Kanim Middle School will be rented for our softball pleasure.  We play in the evenings at 6:00-ish and the field is ideally located in the shade of some large Douglas-fir trees. Perfect for those wonderful sunny days that come to western Washington in the summer.  It has been occurring on Monday  evenings, but that could be changed depending on the consensus of folks interested. Hopefully if we select the evening you indicate, you will actually be able to make it.

Level of play is variable and no matter what, we will all have fun.  If you think you might like to play, please fill out the info below.  You will need your own glove.

I will be contacting you during 'Spring Training' to check your availability and which evening is preferred.

 Please fill out the info below and let's PLAY BALL!!


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